Why Evince?

I feel as though I must explain myself — even though there is no impetus constraining me from not saying anything about why this blog is the way it is. It’s an interesting phenomenon, this need to make sense all the time. But instead of examining the idiosyncratic elements of that eccentricity, I’d rather recognize its existence within me and many others and move on. This decision is mostly driven out of languor — I don’t exactly have the intellectual energy to be able assess such a psychodynamic concept within the human mind like that yet, I need a lot more money and a lot less vacuousness to gain proficient ability for that kind of stuff. But that’s besides the point of this page.

Why is the word evince a faithful representation of the contents of this blog? Well, before anything, I think it’s fair for you to know that if you weren’t aware of the existence of this word in the English dictionary, you were most certainly not alone. I had to look it up too. I like to pretend that I’m smarter than I actually am. Old habits die hard, don’t judge me. But I put the definition of the word underneath so no one has to go through the trouble of actually looking it up [I’m so kind and generous, I know]. Obviously the part about the green tea isn’t actually related to the definition of the word, I’m just a crazy tea drinker that thinks she’s funny. Also, if you have clicked on this page and are currently laughing at my not so decorous confession of idiocy because you were already aware that evince meant to reveal the presence of something, then wow, I salute you from my computer screen and ask you to please be my friend so that your intelligence can rub off on me.

I’ve just realized all this babbling hasn’t actually explained why I chose this title, which was the whole point of this. I’m sighing right now at my attention deficiency. Okay.

Coming up with a proper title was a freaking task for me. I mean seriously, what a job. First I needed to know what the type of content on this blog actually was, which was pretty tough, because it wasn’t really directed towards one type of thing. I just put up what was on my mind when it was on my mind. After realizing it was a conceited blog only about my mind and my important thoughts, I knew this was a blog about putting things into words.

So I thought of way too many things that made no sense, way too many things that made only little sense, and way too little things that made actual sense. And after days of hopelessness and despair [it wasn’t that dramatic], I decided that a one worded adjective wouldn’t only make the subject of my blog much more broad to fit the scope of it all, but it would also mean that I could literally just look up synonyms on a thesaurus.

And that’s what happened. And that’s the story, the end.

P.S. Can you also please appreciate how hard I worked to make my mug icon thing perfect? I’m basically a computer master. Also, green tea with Moroccan mint and no sugar is life.

Okay, bye.