CWM: “Death”

What an ironic title to mark the tail of the series. Hopefully, it won’t be a permanent end. This memory is a little blurry, and it feels difficult to try and remember. It was thought up on February 13, 2016. Continue reading “CWM: “Death””


CWM: “Gratitude, I Think”

This was originally thought up on September 9, 2015. It was first published on December 23, 2015. I can still almost taste this memory. It’s written a little pretentiously though. Sorry, I like pretend like I’m cool in my journal! Continue reading “CWM: “Gratitude, I Think””

CWM: “Four, Twenty Five, Twenty Fifteen”

This piece was thought up on April 25, 2015 but originally published November 23, 2015 because it felt germane for the time for some reason. I can’t remember. It has also been prefaced. That’s kind of funny.
Continue reading “CWM: “Four, Twenty Five, Twenty Fifteen””