The Psychological Politics of Power

[This title’s alliteration was purposely phrased to capture your attention. Hopefully it didn’t make you wan’t to P. Haha, my jokes are lame, okay enjoy.]

Now, I don’t consider myself a person of politics — or someone who is capable of having political debates — but I do recognize the Continue reading “The Psychological Politics of Power”

A Series On Little People (pt. 2)

Before you begin reading I must express two very important lessons I learned during this event:

  1. Little tiny people can be overwhelmingly talented (I may or may not be ashamed of my lack of ability to do anything.)
  2. Sitting next to amplifiers the size of elephants is the worst thing you could ever do to your ear drums. Seriously, I don’t think I have any anymore.

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A Series On Little People (pt. 1)

Today at school, my family and I decided to celebrate my four-year-old brother turning five-years-old (even though his actual date of birth is in June, which happens to be after the academic year is over but that’s besides the purpose of this post).

I really should be honest, because as I was making my way into his little classroom filled with little people and little things, I was Continue reading “A Series On Little People (pt. 1)”