I’m not too certain what exactly the relevance of this feature image is. But it was pretty, so whatever.

The semester is finally over. Fi-na-lly.

I realize it has only been a few months since I’ve posted true content on this thing, but I swear it feels like a good few years. I feel my pretentiously impressive vocabulary tumbling down the stairs of linguistic prowess — and my outlet for expression looks a little dim. There is a lot for me to post about (about me, duh) but I’ve lost that longing I used to have when I first created this. I guess I sort of saw a time like this coming, you know, like how with time, old hobbies tend to linger at a distance, the only remnants of them becoming old products that surprise you after you revisit them. Although, what is strange is I feel I don’t even have that as a valid excuse yet — I’ve literally only had this for like a couple of months.

I’ve just created a rule which argues that one is only allowed to complain of some developed blog languor after having acquired it for at least a year. I mean, at least twelve months is a number, right? Whatever though, in spite of my attempt at self persuasion, I still feel a little odd rereading and trying to come up with ideas. ‘Wow, did I really write that?’ ‘I’m literally the lamest person alive.’ ‘I can’t even remember these feelings!’ ‘What if I’m possessed?’ ‘I really can’t remember writing this!’ ‘What if some sick hacker is posing to be me writing things as if they’re me for no reason other than to mess with my already convolutedly knotted brain circuits that I’ve ignored for so long until I stopped recognizing them as my own?’

You know, the regular brainy thoughts. And since I like to pretend that I’m a psychologist, mental disorders like propoagnosia, dysphoria, and dysgraphia also come to mind. Yes, I’m probably a hypochondriac as well. But as are all students who study mental and physical health disorders — the entire world becomes plagued as symptoms are studied further. It’s kind of funny but not really because disorders suck.


At least my iconic digression hasn’t left me, I guess? I realize that a good proportion of my regular readers may have said bye-bye to Evince that was left with dust and tumbleweeds for a literary and biographical lifetime.

Obviously by biographical I mean autobiographical, by which I still imply that the only biography that is relevant is mine because I’m so clearly too important — kidding.

Sorry guys, my jokes aren’t up to par yet, I think they may need a few more posts before I remember my level of ‘cool’ to write accordingly. For now bear with this — I’ll get it back, I think.

Anyways, I assume that what is meant by this post is just to inform whoever remains of you fantastic people that Evince should be up and running again — so prepare for posts about:

  • Me
  • Short stories
  • Events with some philosophical meaning that I make up because I think I’m smart
  • Me
  • Psychology
  • Me
  • And tea, duh. I’ve already compiled a new fantastic list of teas to review with my really lame sarcasm. So excited.

So hi ho to you reader, and a sincere thank you from me for still keeping Evince on the back burner.


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