Community Psychology Reflection #1

Of the most prominent lessons I have found myself struggling to understand was that the term “community psychology” is polysemous. I have learned that these community psychologists are concerned with people as individuals and with people as groups. They incorporate both social and individual aspects of fields of psychology, which makes them the branch that has tried a little bit of every meal at the buffet, so to speak.

The first class’s activity also made me realize that I’m very comfortable with kinesthetic learning, and with practical hands on discussion. I recall details of that class much better than the details of any other classes I had that day, which is a milestone. I hope that my experience with the class stays so upbeat and positive, and I really do think I will learn a lot.

Something that I wish we would have stressed a little from the readings is details on some of the terms that were in the text. So, things like first-order and second-order change. I would also love to have scenerios and examples explained in class, I think that would be a great way for me to learn. The text actually already does a fantastic job of providing me with examples to help illustrate a certain concept. Like the case of Elaine for example, whom had experienced an alleviation from the symptoms of depression when her enviroment changed.

In terms of the video we watched on the painter, it was so difficult for me to understand how I could link him to some of the things I’d been introduced to in community psychology so far. But I realized that he himself seemed to act in a way that community psychologists act. They aim to enhance the quality of life by integrating research with action and that’s exactly what he was talking about. He took “art” and expatiated that it was the professor with the potential to teach us a life without boundaries. In his eyes, that was what a better world looked like — a world where no one was constrained by dogma or by manmade limits. I think his intention is akin to that of a community psychologist in that respect, and that’s a pretty positive thing.


2 thoughts on “Community Psychology Reflection #1

  1. What kind of abomination is a psycho-sociologist?! haha
    Sounds like something scientologists would hate with a passion.

    It’s always interesting to see how people relate their lessons into every day life. Are you at university then?


  2. I think the debate that argues against psychological credibility will last till the end of time, haha. To each their own, is all I can say! I’m still dabbling with community psychology for the first time so I can’t say how I feel about it yet — yes I’m in my third year of university. 🙂


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