[Academic Hiatus]

This is a disclaimer post to cover the expanse of the posts to be published over the next few months.

University is back up and running, and in a beautifully ironic linking, two of my courses want me to create a blog to post whatever the academic assignments are. So, duh, I decided to use my already existing blog — partly because I am too clumsy to actually create another website, but mostly because I think this will be so incredibly fun. I won’t be tagging the academic posts but I’ll categorize them to make sure they’re separate from my usual posts. Perhaps every now and then I’ll throw in something of my regular writing, but I predict that it will gradually transform into a rare event.

I am posting about this disclaimer to let you know that there is a chance these posts won’t be interesting or novel in concept — so please feel free to ignore Evince for a few months.

If you do decide to carry on with me, then please know that I am constantly giving you virtual high fives to let you know that I appreciate you.

Okay that’s all there is to say, not going to lie I am going to miss posting regularly about my stupid thoughts.

But anyway, farewell for now.

Ta, ta!


7 thoughts on “[Academic Hiatus]

  1. Not a problem as I know where you are coming from or sort of. Ever since I try to keep up with the daily word prompts, writing on my other blog site, in addition to Word Press (other than word prompt posts) have, how shall I say, dried up.
    So, I am trying to devise a schedule wherein I write first and foremost for my two blog sites, and lastly for WP daily word prompts.
    But, I do plan on continuing to follow your posts.
    Have a great week.

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