Thoughts From The Countryside

No work no work

Little work, less pain

I sit with my family girding me in a golden cage,

A new home for me

For requiescence and repose and recuperation

It is no facile cage that is tonight

My feeble cage was before — and a mission of release is in progress

At night we sit on the rooftop now shielded with ash and stone,

I exhale as I stretch my arms behind my shoulders,

“I feel like I’m part of the Earth tonight,” I say

Houses of cement and strength have made me forget the world I live in — I had forgotten the stars and the moon

My uncle laughs his familiar laugh and assures me of the warmth that is to emerge out of the cold wind

I smile and listen to their stories and to their laughter and to their banter

“There’s nothing better than right now,” I whisper to my sister

I know it will end but these nights were the best of my entire life

I never assert such claims on my experiences. I never confirm a favorite food or what the prettiest person looks like —

But those nights in the country where the best nights of my life,

I’m sure if God wills me more life I will experience better days, but my twenty-year-old body right now,

Sees days eight, nine, and ten as the best days it has ever lived

Oh how I had hoped and hoped

But they were soon to end.

Until next time! I will wave,

And a farewell it will be,

To perhaps an older version of ourselves

where these memories will do no more than make us glee,

Maybe we will float in another universe,

Some of us before others–

But we will promise to visit and assure

Until our time will be to continue together

إن شاء الله

endnote: this feature photo is my own photography 


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