Literally, Nothing

Mom, mum or me

Uni, psychology and less of the more

Uncles and fathers and sisters and brothers, no aunts — inauspicious women

Poetry and a lot of emptiness

Inundation, water and light but fear and a murky green too

Community psychology, biopsychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology

One to write — wishing for more but shrugs are okay

Tapping fingers and a clicking pen — I swear no thought

I swear literally, nothing

Patience and grace

Grapple and struggle and hope and strength and

Death and Afterdeath;

and Faith and Firmament but Fear and Faults,

Facile frilly false faults,

erroneous bad unheeded faults

No thoughts, no punctuation — bad syntax and a toothbrush

Let me remain distracted until the nothingness subsides

Let me inhale then exhale not too quickly until I can quit being this farcical bungler

Words and words

Is walking a word? Is waving an arm a word?

I think moving things are words — still things are liars

Still things are Liars.



endnote: I don’t know what this is. Sorry.


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