CWM: “Uncommon Leeches”

The pretentiousness of this title is cringeworthy. Apologies for my nineteen-year-old self. This was thought up on November 28, 2015. It’s annoying just thinking about it.

“wow, i can’t believe he messaged again. why are people like this?”

“you see? i feel like i’m always dealing with these relentless personalities. people whom regular psychology doesn’t work on. people who have little boundaries and don’t give a crap about hints and thereby can never get one. they want what they want and expect the world to give it to them.”

“damn. there are so many of these people you’re right. they’re leeches.”

“yeah, and you know, for people like us, who rely on understanding human behaviour through majority research and just plain logic, they drive us nuts.

i wonder if they drive themselves crazy first” *i laughed* “but i think i know for a fact that they are less happy — because i used to be them, just wanting what i wanted.

it’s crazy how balancing your life to equate your wants with that of those you love and with faith is really what drives you to peace and happiness. logically it seems like it should make sense for me to be happy when i get what i want. but psychologically, humans tend to ‘miswant’, and overtime we engross ourselves so deeply in the desire and forget its intention, so if we ever end up getting it we feel lost, common, and confused.”

“no way, i never thought of it like that. miswant. you’re completely right, you always know exactly how to phrase things.”

“i swear it’s only with you, i don’t know how.”

“no i’m sure with everyone.”


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