CWM: “Rain Always Reigns”

This was originally thought up on May 11, 2015 but first published on November 24, 2015. This was a great day. Remembering rain is always great.

“what happened to you this morning?”

“all i could hear were tenuous trickles of water spotting themselves on my window, my eyes, replete with languor and my body still half dead from the sleep — all tried to ensure it was the sound of elation.

i first deemed it a dream of me in a salle de bains. but as my body crawled out of its rest, my brain assured me this was conscious life. i didn’t need to pull the heavy curtains aside.

it was rain.

in moments, the sounds became that of everything that i wanted to listen to for the rest of my life. my first instinct at my blurred sight of the water was to pray, and i prayed out loud. i asked for it to be my patron today, and to be the world’s benefactor. and i secretly supplicated for the rain to keep going forever.

i don’t understand what it is about rain that touches me so; but there lies a section within me that almost is devoid of the desire to find out. there are some who may mark that choice as desultory, and others may commiserate it — but all i will do is love. i will love the rain for as long as i live, i think. i mean, i hope.

the waters from the heavens–i mean they take me out of this life. i can’t understand how and i don’t want to. these scarce assurances of heavenly peace are more than i could ask for.”

“i hope you feel rain tomorrow again.”


7 thoughts on “CWM: “Rain Always Reigns”

  1. So I’ve thought about this, but exactly how does this work? You haven’t made it particularly clear given by your example piece.

    Did you mean for bloggers to write about rain, or start with the phrase ‘rain always wins’.

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    1. I wanted the posts to be phrase based. So for example if you chose to write your own piece, you would start with “rain always wins.” And you would take it wherever you’d please from there. The point was to be able to see how each writer’s mind can diverge in thoughts from reading the same exact phrase. Sorry that that wasn’t lucid enough! If you decide to write something up please link my post so I can find it, like, comment and share! 🙂

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