CWM: Conversations With Myself [INTRO]

Yes, this is just a tedious introductory post. Not to give you any fleeting impressions that series done on this blog are any bit successful, but I realized I do these for myself because they are fun. Also, they are fun. Oh, I already said that.

Ha ha, yes I have no humour. Move on, people!


I am going to categorize these next few posts in the SWOS section mostly because I can still envision a form of jubilant participation, should you wish it. So, just as is with Start With Our Sentences, you may borrow the first sentence of each “conversation” and share with me what you come up with. If not, then you can still rapture the wittiness of my brain speaking to itself. Yes, I have just stipulated that there is no doubt you will enjoy this.

If you don’t enjoy it please don’t tell me. I’m a crybaby. Just kidding. Not really.

Alright, the gist of these entries will consist of thoughts I had either written down in a journal somewhere extracted and extrapolated from experience OR they were literal conversations I had with one of my really good friends. Although, because I’m a psych major I had to twist the whole thing and pretend like it was my mind speaking to itself and ahhhh; I like to pretend I’m profound and things.

These had all been posted to my Wattpad page, but I have decided to repost them all here because this platform currently feels more like my candid online self. Also I wanted to reignite my posting of these types of things since I had quit them on that other social media that I forget I have sometimes. I can’t tell you how cathartic they are, it really almost feels like I am discussing and solving things for myself. You need to try it. Please. Be my friend. #NoDesperation

I also mulled over the idea of deleting the things posted on Wattpad since their duplicate will literally all be on here, but after a few seconds’ thought I realized that would be too much expended effort and also, I don’t care.

There will be a new post every single day until I run out of them. Then perhaps at some far point in the distant future I will have another poignant conversation with my friend or I will ponder some really irksome thought and will continue with Conversations With Myself.

Alright, that’s all the explaining that needs to be done. I’ve also just finished my green tea with lemon and honey. I added a drop of peppermint essential oil and I feel like I figuratively drank the feeling of serenity. SERIOUSLY IT’S AMAZING.

Okay, I have no more babble to babble about. Lucky you.


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