The Things That Just Are

I want to be facetious today like I usually always am, I really do. I want to type things that appear to have satirically crossed some invisible line of apropos phrases but are actually decorous in nature. But I won’t do that today, sorry. This is going to be an irritated brusque post. You might agree with what I will babble about and you might not – either result won’t exactly be my motive [no offense], I’m a little furious at the moment.

My family “fought” last night. Don’t fret, this post isn’t going to be some outlet for an adolescent vent of things that are true and things they wished were true. Ew, no. This is about the thoughts that the yelling made me parse over and over until I reached a mature conclusion. At least, mature enough for my immature self.

They were bellowing about each other’s behaviors. This person did this and then that person did that. And when this person didn’t do this, that person still did that. Blah, blah and blah. I ended up breaking my mother and brother apart and they both left the room in muted verbal violence. And here’s what that made me realize:

Most negative discourse involving yelling and anger and sadness derives from a similar source –> that feeling that each respective persons deserved something other than the resulting outcome.

What does that mean?

Why is that conclusion reached?

And how is it true to both parties at the same time?

The answers are 1. Nothing 2. Because of egotism and 3. It’s not. Both beliefs are mutually exclusive. And what perpetuates the disagreement is the lack of that knowledge.

No one deserves anything. That mindset drastically undermines any sane budding brain’s ability to continue thinking and processing information. You were not born to deserve what’s good to leave that person next to you deserving the bad. You are here and the reason for that is the largest most fatuously futile squander of time. Your goal on this poignant planet is also not to move along hedonistically. I mean, sure, some Zimbardo scale can tell you that your personality has a little more of that than it should, but to proceed with that knowledge as if it is some path to righteousness is erroneous. It’s almost blasphemy. Yes, it really is almost some abhorrent form of sacrilegious lifestyle that carries little purpose, little love and certainly lots of fear. I didn’t want this post to be about faith, but I think leaving it out would be like making guacamole without avocadoes. Okay, that simile was a little played out. You get what I mean, right?

You don’t exist to change what isn’t meant to be changed. Some things just are. You have been given the pleasant ultimatum of patience or no patience and what you do with that is endless. Stop fighting against the current that can surely take you away. Don’t be stupid. If you’re a chimpanzee in a ring with a boulder would you let your impetuous obstinacy continue with the fight? If you thought hmm, maybe yes to that question then you need to review your life goals! NO, the answer is no! I’m also going to stop presenting you with my awful analogies, sorry.

I realize the irony that exists with me posting this angry post about anger. But it has purpose, okay! Slight purpose. Alright fine, I am conceding from under my gritted teeth that this was probably the venting adolescent post I was so disgusted by at the beginning. Sorry.

Okay, bye.



endnote: this feature photo is my own photography


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