The Un-Americanized American

One of my wonderful childhood friends was an author for this lovely blog. She speaks of the many many truths that come with being a Third Culture Kid. [plus she debuted me as part of her TCK memories! what an honour!]
I miss you, Lizzie!


The following is a guest post written by Lizzie Clark, a TCK who grew up in Saudi Arabia. Lizzie currently attends Virginia Tech University in the United States. For inquiries you can reach her at 


American culture is strange.

American advertising, and marketing is overwhelming. American sports are apparently common knowledge, and American reality TV is both terrifying, and intriguing.

Americans are weird.

Since starting university, I find myself thinking these things more often. Reverse culture-shock is when you spend an excessive amount of time away from the country of your nationality, and then re-enter that place. Upon re-entry you experience all of the differences between yourself, your homeland, and – more specifically – the people of your homeland. This is why after three years I’m still struggling to adjust to life in the United States.

The first time I lived outside of the U.S., I was six-months-old. The company my dad worked…

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