Thoughts From A Fort

It is warm in here.

But tonight there is little of that cozy warm most desire,

my body is drenched in a lactic warmth,

that slides down my skin as smoothly as a newborn does from their womb.

The thought of the process is cringeworthy,

but the idea of it begets a beauty,

only read in poetry.

I don’t want to read about it tonight,

I just want to feel a facile security,

that envelopes my soul momentarily until I am paralyzed in time.

And within the stillness an eternity is experienced for seconds,


I think it is for less than a second.

Then the moment is over and I return,

to the sticky warmth,

and it doesn’t bother me that I’m uncomfortable because tomorrow,

I won’t even remember today’s heat.

It isn’t unwritten — these thoughts will remain I think

I think I think

When do I not think?




endnote: this feature photo is my own photography

post endnote: I think as I have found a slight comfort with sharing things about myself online I have been able to release this incessant need for me to preface or explain why I have done what I have done. It feels nice to be like this. I feel lighter. I think that is my awkward way of saying thanks for being an incredibly embracing community — what a relief it is to be a part of it. So thank you.


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