How To Actually Live Better

To be completely frank, this post’s idea came out of caprice. For a little over a week now, I planned to write up a post on the foods that
fight depression or symptoms of depression. I had researched and read excellent articles on the body’s responses to certain hormones released when stimulated with this type of fruit and with that type of meal, but somehow I ended up making the post about an entire lifestyle rather than an eating habit. It’s funny because I realized the potency of a healthy life whilst tapping away at my keyboard about a healthy diet. I might however, post another short piece on the research I had initially compiled just to let my ego rest at peace with the knowledge that it expressed what it originally wanted to. Blah blah blah my prefaces are irrefutably unsolicited. I don’t know why I still do them — it’s that darn need-to-explain-myself thing! Anyways let’s move on to the post:


Everything you’ve been told about improving your life for happiness and success is wrong. Well, not wrong but slightly impaired, because you haven’t been told the other half of the process.

It’s no secret that a healthy diet, a healthy daily routine, and a healthy cognition is of salient significance when your goal is to achieve a healthy life. But that word “healthy” can be a little irksome at times. God knows I’ve had my phases that have taken 180 degree shifts — and with that irritatingly relative word spinning around in my mind, it was difficult to settle on a single pattern.

Here’s what you need to know prior to starting your life again with healthy outlooks, healthy behaviors and healthy diets:

  1. Every body is different. What you rave about might make someone else feel nothing — and vice versa. You need to explore various options and find what works for you. It’s okay to find another way to be healthy — your cells aren’t everyone else’s cells.
  2. Be patient. Promises of rainbows and sun rays emanating from your cells after changing up your lifestyle is a little exaggerated, and a tad bit unrealistic. Everything takes time and you need to go in with that mentality. Expecting an immediate change may result in feeling averse to living better, which would have been the opposite of what you had desired in the first place.
  3. Focus on your body clock. A lot of times, our energy is expended profusely into one aspect (i.e. changing up our meals) and when we don’t see significant improvement, we tend to return to our old habits. Finding what’s best for you also involves searching for it properly. You can’t find the needle in the haystack if you’re shuffling through grass in another barn. Believe it or not, but our internal body clocks also differ from one another. Some of us need over nine hours of sleep, and others can rock it with seven. Knowing when you peak with energy and when you should rest is the foundation to understanding what healthy means to you. [side note: getting to know your body also helps with your self-compassion. And when you love yourself, your apropos social interest sky rockets.]

Now let’s say you’ve hit the jackpot — you’ve begun to understand your body’s tendencies, you’ve found your mantra for patience and you have developed an appreciation for your familiarized clock that never rests to keep you alive.

What’s next?

Take a deep breath. Then another. Now open up your eyes to the world in front of you. And remember the 3 R’s:

  1. Realize why you covet a life of order and health and stability.
  2. Reflect on the difference you’ve experienced before that realization.
  3. Respond to your desire.

The truth is, if you want to live better, you don’t need an article telling you how. The truth is we all know what’s good for us and we all know what sucks. Sure, maybe we can research the calorie count for that one meal and make sure we didn’t cross over the line but it all starts from within us.

I have the desire to carry out my own version of a healthy life to reach an eternal firmament I know little of. What’s your reason?

If you are reading this and thinking there is no point to changing your life, if you are thinking that we are born to just exist and then we will dissipate into the dust we came from then please take a deep breath right now. Just inhale really deep — now exhale. Now take a look around you. You are living in an ocean of purpose that your eyes are too exhausted to see, so relax and force yourself out of that bubble of thought. If you still feel that exhaustion, give your body a break! Relax and step out into the world with the strength you were born to have.

Living better means believing that you make yourself better. Maybe what is around you stays the same, but it is what we call in social psychology a secondary change that breeds a patience, grace and acceptance not understood by the third eye.


endnote: It’s a little strange but this post doesn’t feel up to par with the remainder of my work. I feel as though I could have put in a little more effort to produce something more professional sounding — I hope this post will be excused. Until the next one!


4 thoughts on “How To Actually Live Better

    1. I, very selfishly, needed a comment like this. I’m glad this bode well with you. Realism was definitely what I was going for, I think with a slight hint of self-reflection. Thank you so much for your comment, Rachel. You’re a gem.

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