Awe, What A View!

I have quickly realized that the inconspicuous title of this post may not be very astutely understood by many, so let me very humbly (not really that humbly) explain what my not so clever joke means:

So, because this post is about mountains, and because I speak about how pretty they are, and because the Daily Post’s one word prompt thing was “Awe” and because that word is pronounced the same way “Awwwwww” is pronounced, as in “Awww, look that adorable lion cub!” I decided to put two and two together and pretend to be funny and creative and say aw, what a nice mountainous view — but awe, what a nice mountainous view.

That was a bad explanation, and it wasn’t even funny? Okay, you can skip this post now. Just kidding, please stay.


Today’s prompt got me to think of the scene I’ve been flipping through a lot recently, and finding a strange sensation of serenity and awe in.

You guessed it: it’s the mountains.


I enter inexplicable repose. Look at this creation! What an enormous beauty! What a majestic presence. I could write poems all day about the perfection of a mountain’s intricacies. They would probably be bad poems, but things with words nonetheless.


This post is only about photos of these triumphant creations. Our Lord has perfected His creations a beautiful perfection, and it’s important for us to recognize that, and to feel that within our souls every once in a while.

Yosemite 2

Ah, the tranquility!


I think it’s important to take a transient objective outlook every now and then — to gain perspective, to relax, and to appreciate the cornucopia of blessings inundating us every moment of our lives.

El Capitan 2

This is the current background of my laptop. Sometimes I exit out of all windows and just stare at this whilst hoping for it to one day be my backyard.


I challenge you to take this break today as you exit this window and shut your electronic device. Go outside and appreciate the little but big creations that pass by you unrecognized. Maybe open up your laptop again and scroll through a bunch of relaxing scenes like I did today. Writing this post has been a dip into a warm jacuzzi for me — soothing, easy and very much appreciated.

I would love to hear about what has been relaxing you recently. Share with me your adventures. And have a wonderful rest of the day.

via Awe — The Daily Post


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