There Is A Little Place

I was unsure of today’s post but I gained a little courage,

A little hope to speak of nature and its unnatural flourish,

It’s material and man-made you see,

But the quiet is unlike any natural tranquility,

I don’t imagine this works for everyone,

I don’t consider its effects unified,

But when I used to sit in my little place,

My parents used to be stupefied,

It was strange to them all!

To have a small little place for me,

But I didn’t want anything more,

Than to sit by myself and glee,

Sometimes I sit now though,

And I don’t feel what I used to,

And it fills my stomach with ache,

That there’s a little place I can’t get to,

I can’t say what it was,

Or what the little details were that made it click,

I just know that tonight when I sit in my room,

I feel something making me tick,

I don’t remember the goodness,

And I’ve lost that sentimental magic,

But my heart holds my stomach in its hands tightly,

Because it believes that soon it won’t feel so tragic,

Somedays I think it doesn’t matter too much,

To fret over the little unnatural feelings that my heart used to touch,

Some days are sad,

And others are filled with an awkward anger,

But God knows that all I want,

is to find that form of surrender,

I want inner peace and I want to reach Heaven,

And I want to not want this world,

Because I know outside of it is zenith.


I don’t know. The Daily Post’s word of the day thing made me think of this. I don’t know.

Natural — The Daily Post

endnote: this feature photo is my own photography


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