A Series On Little People (pt. 2)

Before you begin reading I must express two very important lessons I learned during this event:

  1. Little tiny people can be overwhelmingly talented (I may or may not be ashamed of my lack of ability to do anything.)
  2. Sitting next to amplifiers the size of elephants is the worst thing you could ever do to your ear drums. Seriously, I don’t think I have any anymore.

With that put aside, I introduce you to the “graduation” party that my five-year-old brother participated in.

Upon arrival, I sat with my camera in my jittery lap and with my eyes dancing left and right in half-patient breaths. I sat in front of a giant stage that I assumed a mini-graduation ceremony was to occur in with little people dressed in little caps and gowns. The thought of that scene made me laugh, because I knew it was to be beyond adorable. But instead, they presented us with a show. And when they said show, they were not kidding.


First, these cuties walked onto the stage. The girls were dressed in culturally discordant clothing, but if you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know by now that children can surpass anything. So when I saw them, it was totally fine that they were practically in bikinis. They’re kids, it’s all okay!

Let me quickly point out that these introductory children spoke in English, Arabic, and French.

I am officially a waste of earthly resources.


Then children dressed in rockets came out. ROCKETS. I should have probably mentioned that the theme of this event was a “Blast from the Past”, which is why they started off with the little children metaphorically travelling back into time in glittery adorable costumes. And not just any cheap rocket costumes with glitter pieces sporadically bestrewing the ground — NO, these were fine looking items of clothing. Probably branded. Just kidding, but probably.


Then little people in cute ballet costumes came out. When they were walking onto stage, Disney themed music from Snow White or something was playing — but when they began their choreographed dance, I kid you not, the music went all dubstep — it was a little odd. Actually, it was very odd. Also it was destruction to my eardrums. Little adorable people with little adorable toes prancing to violent sounding music with a bass that literally strikes into your  soul was a little awkward to watch. But cute nonetheless.


Then children dressed as the members of the musical group, Boney M., walked onto stage. And by this point, I was wondering where my brother was, what they had dressed him as, and also yelping at how adorable little things dressed in afros and disco pants were! They were groovin’!

Okay, prepare yourself for the next few pictures because the overload of adorable levels may cause an inability to breathe for about 2 seconds.

They brought out little Sylvester Stallones and cheer leaders dancing to the music from Rocky. This group of little ones was probably the most entertaining to watch (sorry, brother) mostly because they were super excited to be “fighting.”

Okay, hold your breath and look what happened next.


THEY EMERGED FROM LIQUID SMOKE. Like, how was this even a graduation?!

By now, I was wondering what it took to pay for all of this and the time the teachers wasted (I mean spent) training these kids for all of this! I mean, my goodness, my childhood was no where near this cool. Or straining.


Then little Elvis Presleys and Marilyn Monroes walked on to stage.

And guess who?


There he was in the back! Little Ismail strumming his guitar in the cutest outfit of my life.


I wish I had better angles of him bobbing and strumming, but the security kept asking me to sit back down (boo).

Then there were even more shows. I’m getting tired just typing about them, and honestly, it was around 9pm and my ears were slowly deteriorating. We found out later that night (after returning from an exciting visit to the dentist) that the kids returned home by midnight. That’s insane.

That’s the new cool life, I guess.

I think he enjoyed his time. And I’ve enjoyed writing about little kids — but let it be said that this series is over.

I guess that means that it’s time for me to start posting about big people stuff, even though little people are so much cuter.

endnote: all photos in this post are mine and not labeled for reuse.


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    1. Thank you! I love how you phrased that it was familiar. When I read articles or narratives I always crave detail, so that’s what I’ve made sure to incorporate with my writing! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it!

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